Everything's Coming Up Art

Theo and I took in well over a hundred pieces of art today thanks to ArtPrize. Over a thousand artists are competing here in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the world's largest art cash prizes, which total $449,000.

159 venues within a three-mile radius of downtown Grand Rapids feature a wide range of art. Murals, a 75-foot doll, a giant red ball squished into different locations daily. 100,000 paper airplanes flown from the tops of buildings. A guy spending a few days atop a crane.

That's art, people. In fact, everything was looking like art by the time we were done.

How cool is Grand Rapids?


  1. Yay, art!

    I'm going to the Lotus Festival Saturday. World music from a jillion different places--so sweet.

  2. It doesn't get much better than Theo standing in front of a giant squished ball holding a banana!


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