Bring It

In an interview for, Dan John compares your average fitness fanatic to lawn grass.

"Grass is wonderful," he says. "It bends and sways and never breaks. It can survive a tornado very well."

Athletes, on the other hand, are like oak trees, John claims. They see a tornado and say, "Bring it."

This oak tree spent the past two hours alternating five ice packs around her trunk and limbs in twenty minute intervals. Followed by two ibuprofen. And an internet search to determine if four is legal dosage.

From the bench press to boxing. From Arnold to Ali. From the family-friendly YMCA to a little downtown gym situated between an adult movie theater and something called "Classic Lingerie and Videos."

Greg thinks I'll be bullfighting before the year is up; I like difficult and slightly dangerous stuff. There's a name for this that I can't recall right now, probably more like a diagnosis. For now we'll go with the oak tree analogy.

Except Dan John goes on to say that "sometimes the oak tree survives and sometimes the tornado breaks it in half. They either rise to the occasion or they break."

Hence the ice packs. But I'm in pain and glory; I really enjoy boxing (heavy bag--no sparring).

Not broken yet. Maybe I'm more of a maple.


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