What I Do With Bananas

As I am unable to reconcile banana carb counts with skin and without*, I choose to go without--which means if I'm packing a banana for my diabetic son to take to school, it must be peeled, then wrapped again.

So I make squids.

Simon's photo doesn't quite capture both eyes of my giant squid, but you get the idea. I hear he's pretty slimy by lunchtime. Realistic!

*Advice on this from you other d-moms would be appreciated. We do 6g per 1-oz unpeeled.


  1. omg, i am embarrassed to say that i've never thought about if the carb counts i use include the skin or not. i just have always assumed they meant no skin! because, like, who eats the skin anyway? i just checked out my cheat sheet, aka Track3 carb app (since i realize this is something i should have memorized by now but sadly do not), and it looks like 4.5 cho per oz, which i am assuming is peeled. so, that matches up, yeah?

    i feel so clueless.

  2. It's hard to memorize carb counts for EVERY FOOD IN THE WORLD. I look up apples every day...

    4.5 is close to 6, but my 6 is unpeeled, too, so that's a little off. The math never adds up with bananas. Too many X factors.

  3. My head hurts! Sweet mother, God bless you. It's a different kind of sweating you do with this banana math than inside the ropes of a boxing ring, but that squishy, squid-like banana sure does look like love to me.

  4. Hey Kim! Long time no see! How are your four (five) little squishies?


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