My New Boxing Gear

Initially I had chosen some cheaper gloves, but when they didn't fit right, TITLE Boxing hooked me up. I love you, TITLE!

These gloves have both gel and foam, which protect my old lady hands. I went back to regular wraps (instead of gel) with them, though, and suffered, at least in one hand. Let's blame it on my powerful right, shall we? Because I like the gloves. And all the coaches were jealous.

These shoes are listed at TITLE as boxing shoes, but they came with a tag that labeled them "wrestling." My man at TITLE--yes, they treat me as if I, a beginning boxer, am I major account--told me they're for both sports. The extra ankle support takes some getting used to, but I'm tired of the tread on my usual trainers grabbing the cloth in the ring.

And I couldn't resist the wasp on the bottom of this shoe, but once I owned them, the metaphor tripped me up. Do I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, or simply smoosh them with my new shoes? Either way: badass. Shiny and badass.

And finally,

When I've been boxing, I tend to bob and weave a lot--with my car.

Maybe I should ask TITLE about this.

(for National Blog Posting Month)


  1. Love it!!! Especially the shoes. I've had a pair of adidas for years and still have a shoe crush on them -- talk about faithful! :)

  2. My. Ah. DIDAS!

    I noticed I end up with a lot of adidas clothes, too, and not purposefully--they just fit well and I like them.

  3. These gloves are just dang heavy. But what a lovely CRACK they make when you're hitting the heavy bag.

    We're sisters in glovehood! That's weird but great. :)

  4. I weighed my 12 oz gloves on the diabetes scale: 16.5! HEA-VY! I was surprised that I liked them on mitts, but by the time I got to the bags, I was tired--no nice crack for me (so to speak).


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